The difference between radiant electric heat and central air heat

There are many heating system available for buildings, but two known ones are the radiant coils and central heating systems.

The radiant heating system uses the floor to emit the heat while in a central heating system the hot air is forced throughout the building.

Radiant Heat

The radiant heating system uses a thermostat mounted on the ceiling to monitor temperature, only after the entire room is filled with heat radiating from the floor.

The main advantage of using this system is that you can control the temperature in rooms individually instead of setting the same temperature for the entire building. This leads to money savings with the bills. Also this system doesn’t use ducting.

Central Heating Systems

This system has a control unit that controls the entire temperature inside a building. It uses fuel to heat up air or water that is later passed through the building. These systems have filters installed for the air that goes into the blower.

If you have a large house where you only need to heat up certain areas you should use radiant heating. If you have a business facility you should use central air units to control the temperature.

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