The solubility of a gas in extreme heat conditions

The best example for the transformation of a solid into a liquid is when you put sugar into your tea or coffee. You can also dissolve a gas into a liquid, but this fact depends on the liquids temperature. This is the way animals survive into the sea, because they are breathing dissolved oxygen from the water.

First, we will analyze the principle of Le Chtelier. This principle is applicable for all chemical equilibrium, not only for gases, and it says that when the equilibrium of a solution is changed, the equilibrium will never return to the original. Reactants, products, temperature and pressure can be concentrated and will result conditions that affect the equilibrium.

So, when you will dissolve a gas into a liquid, will result an exothermic reaction which means that heat is lost. So, you can put heat back into the solution and the equilibrium will be rebalanced to the original form. Now, if we think why a glass of soda is losing its fizz when it is heated, we can think that a liquid solution of carbon dioxide is acting into the same way.

A saturated solution represents a solution that contains the maximum possible concentration of a solute. So, seas and large amounts of water can be considered saturated solutions at any given temperature. The temperature of the water will affect the amount of oxygen hold. The absorption coefficient of a gas defines the solubility of a gas, and represents a number of cubic centimeters of gas that saturates a cubic centimeter of liquid to a given atmosphere pressure and temperature.

Thinking of this principle, the marine life can be destroyed by the temperature of the water which is increasing more and more. Oxygen that is dissolved into the water is a very important element without which, fishes and other creatures couldn’t survive. Marine creatures use the oxygen and eliminate the carbon dioxide which is dissolved back into the water and finally goes into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is also a very important element for the existence of plants which converts it back into oxygen using the process of photosynthesis. In conclusion, the system is very well balanced, so if the oxygen will disappear in one way, the entire planet will suffer.

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