Troubles with the central heat

No heat producing

First of all you need to check the pilot light of the boiler. Look through the small window and notice if the light still burns and if it’s not then you will need to light it. Check the area where the pilot light burns for debris and other dirt that may be clogging the burning hole of the pilot light.

If the problem is still not solved check the boilers power supply, see if it’s still plugged in.

If the pilot light does burn yet the radiators stop producing heat when the house isn’t completely heated check to see if the thermostat isn’t in a room that is hotter than the others. Because of this the boiler will misread the temperature and stop producing heat.

Problems with the timer

First of all check if the time is set correctly. If it is, you can start troubleshooting the timer. One problem may be caused by short power cuts that may reset the timer. You can reset the timer yourself by pressing the reset button. If the temperature for the base heat of the house is set too low with the thermostat than the timer may have problems. The thermostat will not turn on when the base temperature is higher than the one from the timer.


Banging noises heard in the pipes may mean that you have to bleed the pipes. Loud noises on the other hand may be caused by trapped air inside the system. Another issue that may cause a creaking noise is the fact that the pipes through which the air is traveling are bounded too tightly. You can enlarge the holes in which the pipes fit a little bigger to eliminate this noise.

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