Wood burning or propane gas fireplace insert?

Fireplace inserts are a very functional piece of a house as they can transform a cold room into a warm and hospitable room. Also, they can bring something new to the interior design of your house. They can be manufactured in two models: wood burning fireplaces or gas fireplaces.

Gas inserts represent a very good solution for operating the fireplace as they contain all the mechanism needed. This kind of system can be installed inside the masonry unit or outside it. Almost all gas inserts systems which are placed inside the masonry unit are vented and they took place of old system of wood-burning. On the other hand, vent-less units can be installed wherever you want in the room as they don’t need a chimney. These systems can use natural gas or liquid propane and can be used as starters for wood-burning fireplaces. They can also use artificial logs to imitate real fire flames.

Like the other model, wood burning inserts are also metal boxes which are installed inside the masonry unit to create a fireplace. In addition to gas inserts, wood burning inserts need ventilation and a chimney. This kind of system is working more efficiently than gas model due to the possibility of adjusting the flue of the fireplace which increases or decreases the amount of air and smoke that is going to the chimney.

The similarities between these two models can be the design and the material used for manufacturing. They can be made of iron metal, brass or copper and use stained glass replicas for the fireplace door. Design can be also personalized as we all know that fireplaces are very important for the interior design of the house.

Differences between them two start from efficiency, heat productivity, ambiance and convenience. Also, a big difference is that a wood burning fireplace can be changed to a gas fire placed with a gas insertion but the process isn’t possible in reverse. Gas inserts have a big advantage as they produce heat more quickly, by switching them on but they have a great disadvantage if we think about the design. So, if you need a quick warm of your room, you will choose the gas model but if you are looking for a classic style you will definitely choose wood-burning model.

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