Ways to insulate garage doors

The purpose of the insulation is to keep the heat from getting in hot summer days, and to keep it from getting out in cold winter days. The insulation has one real benefit: it cools the hot storage areas that are directly heated by the sun. Without insulation you will only have bad temperatures and energy loss.

Below is a cheap way to insulate doors:

  1. Determine the height of the door panels. Slice 1” poly insulation into strips with a wide of 2” and also 1” shorter than the height of the individual door panel.
  2. Now use an industrial adhesive and glue all the strips on the individual panels of the door. Put in two strips to the middle with one at each end. This way the next layer won’t come into contact with the surface of the door.
  3. Now cut ½ “reflective insulation for them to fit each door panel.
  4. Put the insulation panels on the back of the door. In function of their design you could simply fit the panels into the door frame sides. Or as another option you could glue them on the strips you already glued.
  5. The one thing you must keep in mind is that the reflective side of the insulation must be facing inwards.

If you are not sure with you skill, you can go to a professional and ask him do this job. It is always better to make sure the job is done perfect.

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