Benefits and drawbacks from home skylights

The reason why skylights were invented is to provide more natural light inside a room. Still, as with anything in this world, there are advantages and disadvantages that come with installation of skylights.


The first advantage in favor of skylights is actually related to their purpose.

They provide more natural light in a room and heat the room with 0 electricity costs. This makes them a good investment for the homeowner and also good for the environment. They also increase the house’s value because of the beautiful aspect they have.

The other advantage that a skylight offers is a modality to observe the outdoor world from the inside. By looking through the skylights, people can observe the night sky, the stars, the clouds and lightning. The view is limited only by the size of the skylight.


The first thing that comes in mind as a disadvantage is the fact that you cannot control the amount of heat that enters through the skylight. This can cause the power use of the house to rise because of the need for more air conditioning. The same thing applies for the winter when because of the snow and ice that gather on the skylight you may need to use more heating energy. Also in the winter there is the problem of condensation.

Another disadvantage is the fact that you need to get up a ladder to clean the skylights. This is because they are very high and there is no other way to reach them.

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