Covers for the skylight

Skylights have the purpose of providing more natural light. But sometimes, there may be too much light and in those moments you could use something to cover the skylight with. You can limit the amount of light and heat that enters a room by using a skylight cover.

1. The first step is about measurements. Get up on the roof and take the size of the width and length of the skylight using a measurement tape.

2. Buy the skylight cover in a color that matches the roof shingles.

3. Place the skylight cover above the skylight by wrapping the entire perimeter with the harness that came with the skylight.

4. Use the utility knife to cut any extra fabric and then slip it above the fabric without cutting the shingles. Move the fabric by the perimeter and then pull it aside.

5. Now that everything is done you need to see if there are any gaps under the shingles and the skylight cover. If you need, you can tighten the harness even more.

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