Fix the leak in a domed skylight

A domed skylight is a skylight with a special circular design that keeps water away from it when it rains. Any leaks that you will experience are usually caused by the heat of the sun that destroys the sealing over time. You can fix that easily.

1. Climb the roof and find a good position to work at the skylight. Remove the flashing that surrounds the skylight lens. This is called cap flashing. Just unscrew the frame and liberate the lens.

2. Once you free the lens you can examine if there are any cracks or damages to them. Examine the edges carefully because there might be the leaking cause. If you do find any crack you can fix it with epoxy adhesive.

3. In order to replace the new adhesive you have to get rid of the old one. Use a utility knife to scrape the old weather stripping away and leave the edges f the lens clean. When you finish this you can apply the adhesive-backed foam insulation around the base of the lens.

4. Install the lens and cap flashing back on the frame. In the end seal the surrounding of the lens and flashing frame with silicone caulk to complete the seal.

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