Fix the leaks of a skylight

A small mistake at the installation of a skylight can cause a leak that will drip inside your house later. That’s why you need to be very careful when you install the skylights and how you seal them. Usually, small cracks can be fixed by anyone, but for bigger problems it is advised to call a professional.

1. First of all determine if the skylight really leaks or you just have a case of condensation. Find out ways to eliminate condensation and see if the dripping stops. If it doesn’t it means you have a leak.

2. Clean the area between the flashing that covers the skylight frame. Remove all the shingles that surround the skylight and clean everything there too.

3. Now that the flashing is clean you can observe if there are any cracks in it. All the cracks that you identify can be sealed with some roofing cement. Use a caulking gun to apply the cement. After you solve all the holes, reattach the shingles to the roof using roofing cement again. Seal them properly after you attach them.

4. Now switch the gun to silicone caulk to seal the space between the flashing and the skylight glass.

5. Sometimes the leak can come from a crack in the skylight dome. So check this too. If you realize the dome is damaged, replace it.

6. Normally this job can be done by anyone if the leaks aren’t too big, but if you don’t manage to solve the problem call a professional.

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