Installation trouble for skylights

Skylights are installed on the roof because this is the only way you can get access to so much sun light. But this just brings a lot of trouble with it. If the skylight is not installed carefully, you are prone to experience leaks and other problems.

It is even more possible to have leaks if you use ventilating skylights.

There are some ways to avoid the leaks though. Installing them on the highest point of the roof will make the water drain away from the skylight. Other systems that will divert the water are the raised watertight curb and the flashing that surrounds the skylight. Make sure you apply sealant everywhere around the skylight.

Another issue is using caulking and roofing cement for installation and not for repairs. The fact is that these materials are not strong enough to prevent leaks. Follow the manufacturer instructions for the best results.

When you want to install a skylight, the first thing you have to do is to cut a hole in the roof. The roof can have a lot to suffer from this, especially because of the roof rafters that need to be very carefully performed.

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