Installing Velux skylights

The purpose of a Velux skylight is to provide more light in a rather darker room by giving it access to direct sun light. No matter the type of skylight the installation process is the same. The installation process starts with identifying the proper location for the skylight.

1. Get up on the roof. Look around and identify the perfect location for the skylight. After you do that, go on the inside part and calculate where a skylight could fit its edges bordered by roof rafter. To mark that location, insert 4 nails in each corner so that they get on the exterior side of the roof. Then go back on the roof and draw the outline of the skylight frame with chalk.

2. Eliminate anything that sits on the skylight’s place and then cut the roof on the chalk line using a circular saw.

3. Attach two 2-by-4s at the length of the opening’s width at the bottom and top of the opening. This is so that you can support the skylight on something.

4. Attach the skylight to the recently installed header with screws. Cover the whole perimeter with screws.

5. After that, you have to install flashing around the skylight. Set the flashing in place and secure it with roofing nails. Check for any signs of leaks and cracks and seal them completely.

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