Keeping snow away from the skylight

The purpose of the skylight, to provide more natural light in a room, can be prevented from happening by snow that sticks to the skylight. Not only this, because of the weight of the snow the clear panes can get damaged. Not only this, but you can also get injured when climbing onto the roof to clean the snow out of the skylight.

The solution to all this is to prevent the event from happening rather then solving the problem after its occurrence. There are some measures you can implement and in order to know when to implement them, you should stay in touch with the weather forecast.

1. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of undiluted ethanol alcohol and coarse rock salt. Shake the bottle until the salt has dissolved.

2. Now, spray this solution on the roof and on the skylight area especially. Because of the chemical reactions that take place the snow will transform into water and will not remain solid. This way you will know that no snow will stay on the skylight.

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