Learn to fix a skylight

Being a very useful accessory for a house, a skylight, is more and more popular. Skylights can be a problem for a house owner if they are starting to suffer damages. Leaking can be easily fixed if you can determine the two parts that are leaking.

So, you will start by setting a ladder against your wall. You will need to make a water test and see the precise place of the leaking. You will need to be assisted with the garden hose. Also, you will need to be helped by someone placed inside the house. That person will notice the place of the leaking. You will need to be very carefully with the flashing between the skylight and the roof shingles.

After that, you will start to repair the leaking. You will need to clean the glass with towels and glass cleaner. Make sure that you give special attention to the place where glass meets the frame. You must clear very well the dirt and debris. Now, you will use marine grade silicone caulk which is one of the most used materials. You will load a cartridge into the caulk gun and apply a bead of caulk into the seam between the two pieces of the skylight. Make sure that you clear all the excess caulk from the glass.

If you need to repair the seal between the flashing and the roof, you will start by sliding a thin metal paint scraper between the flashing and the shingles. You will need to break the old seal. If your flashing is placed beneath the shingles, you will need to use a claw hammer. You will need to remove the old caulking and clear the place. Then, you will apply a bead of caulk under the flashing and press down the flashing. Now, you can replace the shingles.

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