Learn to put in skylights

Follow these instructions for a good skylight installation:

1. Get up to the ceiling with the skylight. Place it where you want it to be and trace its outline with a marker.

When you finish drill a hole in the center of the trace to know where to install the skylight once you get up on the roof.

2. Now, get up on the roof with the skylight also and search for that hole. Place the skylight centered over it and trace its outline.  Use a circular saw to make a hole in the roof on the line you traced.

3. Before placing the skylight in that hole, remove the shingles around it. Now place the skylight and fix it with some roofing nails. Fill the space under the shingles with roofing paper.

4. Fill everything starting from the bottom and going up on the sides. When you finish with the roofing paper, install the framing around the skylight. Secure it to the skylight with roofing nails.

5. Start with the step flashing sliding it under the shingles overlapping individual pieces with 4 inches. Secure the flashing to the skylight. Then attach the side flashing and in the end the top piece the same you did with the bottom piece. This is all.

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