Learn to repair leaks around skylights

With a skylight installed on your roof you allow a lot of light to enter the room. But besides light, you can also find that water can enter the room too, because of leaks. To prevent such situations, the skylights are surrounded with a metal frame called flashing.

In time, this flashing gets damaged and needs replacement. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Get access to the flashing by removing the shingles that surround it. You can do so by using a crowbar.

2. Now, you will see the step flashing, that small pieces that stand by the sides of the skylight. You have to remove these pieces first using a pry bar.

3. The next pieces to remove are the ones on top and bottom of the skylight called sill and head flashing. You can use the pry bar for this.

4. Now you can apply the new pieces. Cover the underside of a new sill flashing piece with roofing cement and place it at the bottom of the skylight. Do the same thing with the head flashing.

5. Cover the roof just above the skylight with new shingles by nailing them into the roof.

6. Make identical copies of the step flashing pieces with new ones and then apply the roofing cement underneath them. Install one piece first just at the bottom of one side.

7. Cover the step flashing just installed with a new shingle.

8. Continue covering the sides of the skylight with step flashing and shingles until you finish.

9. Seal the seams that formed between the shingles and skylight with some roofing cement.

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