Repairing a camper skylight

There are some factors that can cause a camper’s skylight get damaged or have its appearance ruined such as the sun and the elements. With a simple repair you can have the skylights looking as new. This solution only applies when the skylight is not cracked, but it’s the most suitable solution.

1. Make a solution of water and dish washing detergent. Use this mixture to rub the skylight and remove all the dirt that is on it, both inside and outside. Be careful not to scratch the glass while you rub.

2. Pour clean water to wash the solution out of the skylight and leave it like that to dry.

3. Now it’s time to make the skylight look more glossy and new. For this you can use auto paste wax on the surface. When you are done clean the excess wax using a cloth.

4. The last step involves resealing the skylight if needed. Look for any leaks or cracked caulking that you can remove and replace using the caulk gun. You must really avoid having leaks in the skylight because the damage cause by water can be really expensive.

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