Resealing skylights

In time, the flashing of the skylights can get damaged and this will cause leakages. This is an often leakage problem. The obvious solution is to replace the flashing completely.

Still, there is another option if you can’t do that. You can reseal the skylight with roofing cement.

1. First of all make sure you really have a leakage problem. Maybe the water that drips is only caused by condensation.

2. Locate the side of the flashing where the leak is and remove the shingles around it. Clean the area for leaves and other debris with a brush.

3. Load the caulk gun with roofing cement.

4. Hold steady the caulk gun between the shingles that extend beyond the flashing and the black tar paper underneath it and push the trigger gently. Keep it pressed until it reaches the end to apply a more uniform layer of cement.

5. Place back the shingles in their former position identically.

6. If you notice any opening between the glass and the frame apply cement there too to seal it.

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