Resealing the skylight of an RV

There are many factors that contribute to the damaging of the skylight sealing on an RV such as the burning sun, hot and cold temperatures or harsh weather. At the smallest sign of a leak the best thing to do is reseal the skylight. First of all you have to make sure what you are seeing is not the result of condensation, which is a known problem with skylights.

1. Get access to the skylight by either getting on the RV, if you know it supports you, or by climbing on a ladder close enough to it.

2. Remove the existing caulk with a putty knife. While handling the knife, make sure you only touch the sealer and not any screws rivets.

3. In order to apply the new caulk you will need to clean the old caulk away from the surface. You can do this with a rug and some paint thinner or mineral spirits.

4. Take the caulk gun loaded with roofing cement and point it at the seam between the skylight and the roof. To apply a more uniform layer of cement, you should gently press the trigger and keep it pressed until it reaches end, and then you start over. Cover the entire perimeter of the skylight. Remember to cover all the seams and gaps you see and leave nothing unsealed.

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