Sealing skylights

The next step just before you have installed skylights is to seal the area around it to make sure there will be no leaks. Usually the things that need to be done are to cover the seams of the roof shingles and to apply roofing cement.


Reveal the flashing of the skylight by lifting the shingles that are around it.

2. Cover the edge of the skylight flashing with a ΒΌ thick layer of roofing cement using a normal sized putty knife. Make sure to cover the entire area.

3. Now you have to put the roof shingles back onto the roof. But before you do that, cover the bottom of the shingles with roofing cement and then attach them.

4. Apply roofing cement with the putty knife on the edge between the shingles and the skylight flashing to seal it completely.

5. Complete the sealing of the roof shingles by applying roofing cement at the intersection point between one another. This way the edges are completely sealed.

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