Skylights made at home

Making your own skylight at home involves a complex process that includes cutting a piece of the roof, installing a frame, sealing and then finishing the interior ceiling. A bad installation of the skylight will lead to leakages. Follow all instructions carefully.

The first step is cutting the hole in the roof. Go inside the house and choose a location for the skylight. After that, cut through the ceiling from the inside and then go outside and finish the cutting from there. Use the circular saw. When you have a hole, clear the area around it. This includes removing the shingle from the roof. When all that is done attach the skylight in the center of the opening.

Surround the area of the skylight with roofing paper strips that are eight inches wide. Slide them under the shingles. Start with the bottom and sides and then go to the top part. Now take the bottom flashing piece. Wrap it halfway around the skylight and attach it to the skylight with roofing nails.

You should now install the flashing but first slip some step flashing under the shingles. Next install the solid flashing starting with the bottom. You need to install the flashing right because this will prevent water from entering the house.

After you have a working skylight installed you can personalize it depending on your wishes. You can control the amount of light that enter a room by installing blackout shades. They also keep the heat out of the house. You can have a ventilating skylight also. There are a lot of blind types as well.

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