Some thoughts about darkening or removing a skylight

The light that comes through a skylight can turn out to be very annoying. At that moment all you want to do is get rid of the skylight. This means removing it, repairing the hole in the roof, all the damage that result in the process and a lot of other messy things.

At this moment this doesn’t sound like such a good idea any more. What would be a good idea is darkening the skylight.

First solution is using window film. It is a special material that can control the light that enters and gives shade instead. The installation is very simple; it just clings on the window on the inside. It is very effective and it comes in various designs. It doesn’t damage the window and when you feel you don’t need it any more you can just remove it.

Another solution, specifically made for skylights are the window blinds. Skylights are usually very high and very hard t reach. This is why the blinds are produced with an automatic engine that opens and closes them through a remote control. You can have any color and design you want. The ones without automatic controlling have a long stick that reaches the floor so that you can control the blinds with it.

The next solution we provide to you is using skylight shades. They can provide you with full darkening and also shades in between. The materials used are various but the most used are bamboo and wood. They can also be controlled with a remote but a manual stick is also a solution. As for design, you have where to choose from.

The last solution on the list is the skylight covers. You install these on the outside and the main purpose is to keep the heat out of the house. Even though they are installed on the exterior and they block most of the sun rays, you can still look on the window and see the sky. This is not the solution if you want to block all the light.

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