Stop the window condensation on skylights

Through the skylight you get extra light and you also have a great view to the outside. From time to time you may see that the window gets fogged up because of condensation. Condensation is actually the result of humid air touching a colder surface, which in our case is the window.

To prevent condensation you can reduce the humidity level in your house which will also eliminate the conditions for mold to appear near the skylight.

1. If you have live plants inside the room with the skylight you should know that they are causing vapors which result in more humidity.

2. Don’t leave anything wet to dry in the room with the skylight.

3. Look for any signs of leaks between the skylight window and the ceiling.

4. An easier way to reduce humidity is to use a dehumidifier in the room. Hopefully this will eliminate condensation completely.

5. Surround the skylight with heat panels for the ceiling in the hope that it will dry the air eliminating the factors of condensation.

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