Types of skylights

Dome skylights

With dome skylights you can control how much light you want to enter the room. You have the prismatic skylight that allows just some of the light to enter the room and it is recommended for those who are more sensible to light. Another type is the acrylic skylight and provides a good insulation when the weather is cold.

Pyramid skylights

This type is for large rooms because it can support more than one window. You have to take into consideration the roof’s resistance before installing such a system.  The maximum number of sides that the skylight can have is eight.

Vented skylights

Beside the benefit of more light, you get the benefit of better air circulation and ventilation. This comes in very helpful in kitchen and bathrooms. The vented skylights come in two types: automatic and manual. The automatic ones have a remote system that allows you to open and close them while the manual one has to be opened and closed by you.

Plastic skylights

The only advantage of this type of skylight is that it is more light weighted and doesn’t shatter. The biggest enemy for this type Is the sun because it damages the plastic surface.

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