Bath tv

If you want to have a TV near the pool all the time and don’t worry about getting it wet at all, then you have to learn more about waterproof TVs. No weather will affect a waterproof TV, nor the sun or the rain. The TV is protected by a TV enclosure that it best when bought already fitted to the TV.

If you want to make it even more accessible then you can get the wireless model that will allow you to move the TV wherever you want in an area of 150 meters.

What waterproof TVs offer:

TV Cabinet

The TV cabinet is what protects the TV from anything as strong as a water jet. So rain or water spills will do no harm. Also the protective cover of IP56 has a special structure that keeps dust and other small particles away, the same thing being done by the fan inside.

TV Enclosure

They have the purpose to protect the monitor of the TV, usually from the sun’s damage. When direct sunlight hits the LCD monitor this usually destroys the liquid crystals and generates spots on the display. The temperature within the TV enclosure is monitored permanently by a fan and a heater both controlled by a thermostat. On the other hand it seems that snow is the only thing that can get in the way of these TVS. So try not to keep them outside during snowy days.

Now, if you still want to place your TV outside but you don’t have a waterproof TV, you can take in mind the following advice.

When you choose a location for the TV, make sure it is shady and away from sun light. Don’t place it near windows or ventilators. This will protect it from seeping rain water of moisture.

Make sure the house heater is away from the TV because excessive heat will damage the wiring.

These TVs are great today with their sleek look and impressive features; they will look great on your porch or near the pool while you are having some friends over for a barbeque.

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