Bury the downspout

Since 1970s some very popular methods for old materials are reusing and recycling. You will save money and time by learning how to cut a downspout into a gutter in this way recycling old material. You won’t need to call a professional to make a job that you can do it yourself, in this way saving your time and money.

Follow the instructions below to learn how you can transform a downspout into a gutter.

You will start by choosing the right place. So, think about the place where the most water drains out from the bottom of the existing downspout. You will have to mark the place on the bottom of the gutter where the downspout is connecting the gutter. Make sure that you traced the outline of the sleeve exactly.

Then you will have to drill holes into each corner of the outline of the sleeve. Make sure that you marked the sleeve well if you want to avoid a bunch of random drill holes. After doing that, you will have to use the metal scissors and cut the sleeve carefully. Then you will need to smooth down the edges of the metal sleeve using a metal sheet. Place the sleeve on a newspaper so the metal chips can be easily discarded and you will ensure in this way that you will not injure yourself while you are handling it. You will apply the sealant on the edges of the sleeve in the right quantity if you want to prevent the moisture to seep in and cause damages.

Into the final step you will have to attach the sleeve back in the place left from cutting it and hold it in place. Using a screwdriver you will screw the sheet metal screws into the holes made earlier and you will tight them well. The process is done and now you can check if it’s working properly.

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