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Unless it is exposed to the sunlight or other heat source, a ceramic tile is cool to the touch. The ceramic tile heating system is a unique system, as it needs a base of cement before the tile is installed. The installation of this system is hard, and you will need skills and professional tools.

So, you will start by preparing the sub-floor. You will need to create a level with 1 ½ inches lower than the finished floor. The thin-set and the backer board will raise the level.

Next, you will apply a layer of thin-set which should be even. You will pour a small amount with 3/8 inch thickness and you will use a notch trowel. This thin-set represent a solid base for thin applications.

You will need to ensure that the entire area has an even coat of thin set and you will sand down any raised area after the process of drying.

Next, you need to fit the backer board on top of the thin-set layer after you cut it. You will also need to secure it using screws to every 16 inches and leave a 1/8 inch space between the edge of the wall and the backer board.

After that, you will need to install the cable. Make sure that you lay the end of the cable which will be attached to the thermostat and power source at the edge of the backer board. Also, you will need to allow it to pass into the framing stud on the side of the wall. You will need to leave the radiant heating cable in an even pattern of rows placed across the floor. You will need to place them for every three inches of floor to have a cable.

Next, beside the heat cable, you will need to install the sensor which will extend at least 2 feet into the flooring space. Also, it should be placed equally between two rows of cable. The cable of the sensor will be extended beside the heat cable. Now, you will need to apply one more thin-set over the backer board and cover the heat cables carefully. Use the notched trowel again to level the surface. Now, you will need to grout the ceramic tile and follow the instructions found on the bag of grout. Make sure that you cleaned any excess from the tile’s surface. After that, you will need to hook up the power source and the thermostat to the radiant heating cables. Adjust the thermostat and your process is done.

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