Roof leak

When you identify that there is a leak in your skylights, there are some steps that you have to follow.

You have to identify the source of the leakage first. The problem can come from the roof or from the skylight.

So the way to figure that out is to go inside and look up at the skylight. If you see water stain very low on the ceiling then the problem is at the skylight, but is the water stain starts from the highest point of the skylight, and then the problem is with the roof. Roof Repair

Normally there is the flashing to protect the skylight from leaking, but at some point water can get against the adjacent shingles. You can call a contractor to repair the shingles around the skylight and also the reseal the area between the shingles and lip area.

Usually leaks come due to a bad installation. The moisture can be kept away by using a rubber gasket under the edge of the skylight and on the roof.

Sometimes, people mistake condensation for leaks. This happens when the warm, humid air inside the room touches the cold glass. Sometimes condensation forms inside the ceiling because it is formed inside of the skylight. To remove this possibility you have to insulate the area between the attic and the skylight.

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