Wedding dress

You want to choose the perfect wedding dress but your budget doesn’t allow you to get it. Here is some advice about getting a cheap but beautiful wedding dress.


Try second-hand stores. They have dresses that look like new because they have only been worn once and they are a lot cheaper. If you find anything you like you should buy it.

2. Look in your closet and find a dress that you only wore a long time ago and remake it.

3. Ask your mother for her wedding dress. If it’s ok with her you can add some changes to it. Sometimes it can be an honor to wear your mother’s dress. There is no cheaper way to get a wedding dress than this one.

4. Borrow a dress from a not so close friend of yours so you know that your guests weren’t invited at her wedding also. This includes distant relatives, cousins and aunts.

5. If know how to sew, or if you know someone who can sew, make your own dress. You can go to the fabric store and choose any beautiful pattern you like. And you will only spend money with material, patterns and trim.

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