2D to 3D with Toshiba Cell TV

Since a few years ago, 3D technology has gained more and more popularity. Not only they are making more and more movies in 3D, but also channels that are going to broadcast in 3D. As it is becoming the new trend, even with the ESPN stating that they will start broadcasting 3D content, there is not long until all channels will be broadcasting in 3D.

But now, the well known manufacturer Toshiba comes with what seems to be a wonder in technological world the 2D TV that can display 3D images. Actually this is what they are stating for their future TVs at the CES in Las Vegas.

The Cell TV, will not only be a normal LED TV, but it will also have a special chip that can render 3D content from a 2D signal making it the most powerful TV on the market. Among other features of the TV, there is the possibility to transfer media from PC to TV in order to view it on a 55 or 65 inch screen, internet accessibility, and especially the possibility to make video calls on the TV with great resolutions.

Seeing all this you can easily say that the TV will be a success. More channels are already stating that they will start broadcasting in 3D so it’s time to choose your 3D TV. Still, the market will get filled with models from all manufacturers and it will be a great fight for the first place.

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