A comparison between DirecTV and Dish Network

DirecTV and Dish Network are two of the main satellite TV providers. The purpose of this comparison is to help you make a choice between the two. *

The advantage of satellite TV over cable TV is the greater number of channels and the better image quality.

The first thing to compare between the two providers is the cost of the packages. The next one is the features, then the number of channels and finally customer service.

Regarding the installation and the equipment needed for the basic service, both providers charge nothing. Also you can get a free HDTV, DVR upgrade from them.

Regarding the packages, both providers have several to offer with different number of channels. DirecTV’s cheapest package is 29.99 dollars per month and the most expensive is 114.99 dollars per month and it offer 285+ channels. Dish Network starts with the 24.99 dollars per month package and ends with the 84.99 dollars per month package that offers 295 channels.

The extra charge for HD programming is 10 dollars for both providers and they both have channels that need extra payment such as HBO. Regarding the channels, we can say that DirecTV focuses more on sport channels while Dish Network on movie channels. The customer support is great for both of the networks.

But the conclusion is not clear yet. We still can’t figure which is better. The services are great on both sides. You can make a decision based on the channels they offer and what your preferences are.

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