About satellite TV receivers

Satellite TV services at their beginning were not so popular. This was because it was too difficult to install all that big pieces and systems. But with technological advancement the pieces became more and more compact thus making it easier and easier to install.

Below it is a short description of how satellite TV functions and then some types of satellite TV receivers are presented.

The signal that gives you actual television comes from a satellite that is located somewhere around 22 miles from earth. The purpose of the satellite was to replace the old antennas that were used to send radio frequencies around earth. They were not very functional and posed a lot of problems. A satellite makes it a lot easier to send information on any place on earth. Satellites are geosynchronous, this means that they rotate along with the earth. This is what makes it easy to send information constantly to a large amount of households while not getting the signal disrupted by anything. This is how the signal travels: first it is sent towards the satellite from the broadcast center using a very powerful dish. Then the satellite receives the signal and retransmits it towards earth where it is received by numerous satellite dishes installed by subscribers. Then the signal is decrypted and transformed into images.

A satellite TV receiver is a piece that is offered to you usually by the service provider. You can receive signals from thousands of channels that don’t require subscription to be watched with a free-to-air satellite TV receiver.

Another type of satellite receiver is the DVR receiver. This one allows you to record you favorite shows or to actually pause live shows.

HDTV receivers provide the highest quality image there is.

One last thing to consider, when you buy your own satellite TV receiver, make sure it is compatible with your TV set.

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