About television indecency

Today’s evenings in front of the TV are full of violence, indecency, and other bad activities that children aren’t supposed to watch on TV. In the past there used to be a ‘prime time’ dedicated especially for family viewing. There was actually a policy established by the FCC in 1975 that stated how networks are only allowed to broadcast family friendly shows between 8 pm and 9 pm.

But due to complaints and lawsuits, the FCC was forced to remove this policy. The idea is that the whole thing with the family hour was started by parents arguing about the amount of sex and violence that was shown on TV. This was in 1975. Imagine how things evolved until today. There is definitely more sex and violence today than any other time.

In the need for some regulations regarding the content on TV and the children, the ‘TV Parental Guidelines’ booklet was created. This booklet was a mean to rate programs for different age categories and for general viewing audiences. Something else, meaning some electronic equipment was created to help parents control better what their kids are watching on TV.

The rating system contained information regarding the appropriate age that should watch the respective show starting from general audiences up to mature audiences.

In 1995 the ‘Parents Television Council’ was formed and in a few years it managed to gather 1 million members. Their purpose was to assure that their children were not exposed to so much sex and violence on TV anymore.

The quality of the content shown on TV today is most certainly in the concern of parents all over the world.  In time, maybe, with the support of the FCC and other agencies, there will be an hour where TV is appropriate for the entire family.

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