About the remote control programming from Dish Network

The dish network remote can control several devices such as satellite TV, VCR etc. You should have the user manual because there is where the codes are written. If you don’t then you’ll have to find the codes.

There are three steps that you have to follow in the programming.

Turn on your device. Now press the mode button on the remote. Wait until all lights of the mode buttons flash and take off your finger. Now it should be blinking. Now you have to insert 0 for a second TV, 1 For another VCR, 2 if you have an amplifier or tuner.

Now search through your manual until you reach the remote control programming codes. There you will see a list of brands. Go at your device’s one and look at the codes that correspond to your device. Press the code on the remote and have entered the correct code. Check to see if the remote is working by shutting down the device. Now try other buttons as well. If they work then the code was good, if not, you’ll have to enter the next code, until all the remote is functioning on the device.

For devices with one mode button on the top of the remote press it and wait until there is a flash in the right mode. Now enter the device code in the address button with the keypad. Wait until the mode light flashes three times to know you entered the code correctly. Repeat the steps from above to see if the code is the correct one.

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