Children and television

Since the beginning of it, television has become such an important part of our lives and of the society. But while giving it so much credit, we seem to forget to take into consideration all the negative effects that television has.

Television is no longer the telecommunication revelation, but a debatable argument regarding its effect on the child’s behavior and thinking.

Children that are under 6 years old now watch an average of 2 hours a day of television. To start with the good parts, television brings a lot of benefit in developing the knowledge of children through the education and wildlife programs. It’s easier to present different cultures of the world. But this is still not enough to make up for the negative effects.

A child’s development is the most crucial during the first two-three years of his life when he plays, observes and explores different things. This means that if you make a habit from watching TV so early in the growing stage this can really interact in the social and physical activities that a child should do.

The behavior of the children is also influenced by the content of the TV materials. For instance, violence is now much more present in television programs and kids could learn from this mal behavior and actually imitate it. The sense of fear and anxiety can be instated causing sleep disorders.

Bad behavior such as smoking, violence and drinking is seen in most of the television programs and commercials. Without knowing what is good or bad, because they see this behavior everyday on TV, children start to think that this is normal.

One problem that the whole world is faced with right now is obesity. It seems like TV has a great influence in this. Children start to replace physical activities with watching TV instead while also consuming junk food and sweets and stuff.  This is why so many children are becoming obese.

Children also seem to be very influenced by commercials. They don’t understand the real reason of the commercials and they just appeal to those things. Less and less children are reading, also because of television.

It is very important that the parents of the children are aware of these problems and start taking measures against watching TV.

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