DirecTV and Dish Network

They are both satellite TV providers and they lead the U.S market for this. Satellite TV offers many advantages such as availability in hard to reach areas of the earth or low cost of installation.


Since they are both satellite TV providers there are also many similarities between them. They offer the same free installation with four receivers and the remote. DirecTV is older on the market. You can get HD and non HD with Dish network. With DirecTV you can get access to 256 channels while with Dish Network you get more than this.

They both offer Digital Video Recording services and dual recording facility. This facility allow you to watch two simultaneous broadcasted shows in the same time on two screens. The difference here is in the number of hours that can be recorded, which is 100 hours for DirecTV and 350 hours for Dish Network.

DirecTV also offers another great facility for registering the recording of a program 14 days in advance with their TV guide.

Meanwhile, Dish network developed a system that allows you to record more than one programs at a time. Actually DirecTV also has this system but the amount of hours that they allow to be recorded is 200 hours while Dish allows 350 hours.

Regarding HDTV, if you have a TV that has this, both networks offer it to you. There is a slight difference in the number of HD channels offered. DirecTV offers 70 HD channels and Dish offers 90.

Regarding the local channels, they are free in the packages of extra for them.

When it comes to sports, DirecTV focuses on it. They have a wider offer of sports channels than Dish Network. Basically all sports lovers choose DirecTV for this feature.

While comparing costs, Dish Network keeps it cheaper than DirecTV.

As time goes by, cable TV becomes more and more a legend behind satellite TV. It just can’t keep up with the improvements that satellite TV brings.

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