Dish TV networks assessment

The main providers of satellite TV in present days are Dish Network and DirecTV. Beside them there is the major cable TV provider Comcast Corporation. Below is an assessment of satellite TV networks that stay on top of the market for several years now.

The two main providers of satellite TV that we mentioned earlier have grown over the years by emerging with all the little companies that entered the marked during the years. You will find below some facts about the two companies that will make you understand better what services they provide.

Dish Network

It is one of the top providers of satellite TV plus internet and other TV services. In total it sums around 14 million subscribers. Their packages are in number of 4 and their prices range from 29.99$ the cheapest to 99.99$ the most expensive with over 250 channels. Also the internet service is known to be of great speed. The upside over Direct TV is represented by the Digital Video Recorder service and the international programming.


Also in top 3 companies with TV and internet services, it sums a total of 18 million subscribers. They also have various packages to offer with 50 channels going up to 280 channels. The company has made some arrangements with Internet providers to offer also broadband and DSL cable internet. They are very good at the speed chapter. The extra money for the more expensive packages offers you more HDTV channels and some special sports packages.

But there are also downsides to this type of broadcasting. Satellite signal gets disrupted during hard weather conditions like storms. They also score pretty badly at customer service.

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