How television affects the brain

It is well known how television affects your brain in a negative way and diminishes the ability to think. The benefits that many tend to present are covered by the adverse effects. Below is a presentation of the negative effects that television has on the brain.

Audio-visual addiction

This the ugliest effect of television. The idea is that when watching TV for a prolonged period of time the brain enters a hypnotic state caused by the TV screens’ flicker. This causes the sleepy state that people get when watching TV. Now, the problem comes from the fact that people start to get addicted to this state of relaxation that gets their mind off from work. Another way to get addicted from television is by watching comedy shows that cause a release of endorphins in the body that cause addiction.

Decrease of thinking ability

The brain’s activity is affected by this addiction that people get. The righter side of the brain tends to be more active and the left side less used. The right side absorbs all the audio-visual stuff and this will make you to get emotional at images. The result of this is that you lose the ability of thinking critically.

Low attention capacity

As you know ADHD is something you don’t want for your children, but prolonged exposure to TV will increase the chances of getting it. Because the images in the TV are changing rapidly you get used to pay attention to things that are constantly changing. The result of this is lack of attention and focus. It is very important that when a child is still learning he should not be exposed to television too much.

Low development of the brain

In the early times of life the brain has to develop. And this can be accomplished by performing certain activities that involve some thinking. Since television is said to be less brain involving than sleep. There can be no good from it. The brain doesn’t think when you watch TV and this can cause metal disorders and low ability to learn. There is no random reason why TV is called the idiot box.

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