How was television in 1950?

All the mass communication and recreation empire started with the introduction of television in people’s homes. You were able to sit on the couch and watch an even live, and it was a lot different than the radio.

It was the ending of the Second World War and the economy was booming.

It seems like in the 50’s almost 3,1 million Americans had TVs in their homes. Print media and radio lost their reign in the face of television, the new king of entertainment.

Also known as ‘the Golden Age of Television’ the 50’s were very representative for television. It was something that everybody wanted to have. They were watching shows such as Our Miss Brooks or Burns and Allen back then.

As the years passed a new form of entertainment appeared. It was the live reality TV shows such as Candid Camera were the next interesting thing.

The news between 1952 and 1953 were dominated by CBS and NBC. News programs such as See it Now were casted back then. These were informative programs that played an important role in making people aware of their rights. They started to broadcast election coverage and news and more.

As television grew bigger and bigger, companies saw the opportunity to advertise in this. It was actually the best way to promote a product. Various programs were sponsored by companies in order to obtain publicity.

The first thing advertised on TV was the presidential campaign from 1952. Since then, all the other presidents used the TV as main promoting mean.

The first television was in black and white. But in the late 50’s technology advanced to color television, the remote control and transistorized TVs.

Television became thus the most important mean of entertainment in all the households by bringing people news, movies, reality shows, soaps and more.

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