Is there an effect of television on our intelligence?

Everybody is wondering these days whether television is affecting out intelligence or not. This is what the article below is about.

Television has become an important entertainment device for present days, and as all other entertainment environments it affects the society in certain ways.

Some accusations brought to television are taking the world less serious, it delivers useless content of low quality that amuses us.

There are many researches conducted as we speak to test the effects of television on our intelligence. For these researches there were used people of diverse cultures and ages. There was still no concluding evidence that will show television is influencing the development of the brain.

In theory, watching television affects the emotional and learning intelligence. You cannot measure how much it is affecting us, but for sure the creativity and imagination are hampered. Especially small children are affected. One of the problems that children face after watching too much television is the inability to pay attention in class, actually lowering their attention span. There are also social repercussions caused by excessive television watching. Because of social inactivity, teenagers seem to fail to develop their social and emotional skills. Something else that teenagers seem to do is treat elders with more disrespect and to lose their capacity to be positive or creative. Violence is present all over the TV.

In order to prevent these bad effects over children, the parents have to be actively involved in their growing. Plan other activities with the children instead of leaving them in front of the TV. Propose them new hobbies, leave them make their own choices and opinions.

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