Learn to install satellite antennas

Because cable TV became more and more expensive, the recent trend has turned to satellite antennas because you get quality images at a lower price. Regarding the installation of a satellite antenna, if the correct steps are followed the installation will be done in a minute.

The piece that receives the signal from the satellite is the dish antenna.

This is why you have to be very careful how you install this.

The first thing in the installation process is the location. You have to align the antenna in the correct position so that it receives the signal coming from Equator, where the satellite is located. So, if you live in the northern hemisphere, you have to install the antenna facing south and vice versa for the southern hemisphere. Second, you have to tilt the antenna. Again this depends whether you live in the north or south. For the ones living in the north the tilt is 30 degrees and 60 degrees for the ones living in the south. Be careful to install the antenna where there are no obstructions in the path of the signal, such as trees or buildings.

Moving on, you will have to find the pointing coordinates for the dish. This coordinates will appear on the TV if you connect the receiver and search the menu. After you write these numbers down, go to the installation location and search for this coordinates with a compass. If you follow the correct coordinates the position should be ideal.

Now you have to mount the mast. You will have a metal mount that comes with the package that you will use for this. It’s up to you where you want to install the mast to. Just make sure that the surface is solid enough to support the antenna.

Now that the mast is installed you can attach the dish. Place it on top of the mast and after that, begin connecting the wires. Connect the cable with the receiver. When this is done you can fine tune the signal, knowing that the more signal the lower the chances it will fail during bad weather.

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