Review of Dish Network internet service

Dish Network is in the top three pay-TV providers in the U.S and decided to extend with internet services as well. It has gathered around 14 million subscribers over the years and that makes you think there isn’t much to suspect about their services.

But whether the internet speed reaches the expectations is a question we still have to answer.

There is more than one method to access the internet each with its own specifications. What Dish Network decided to do is to offer three different services to its customers. They provide internet services through DSL, Broadband cable or satellite. Because their infrastructure didn’t support internet connection, they partnered with big Internet providers from the U.S.

The speed that Dish Network brags with is said to be 50 times faster than dial-up connection speed. The Internet service is compatible Windows and Mac, while the installation of the service is free.

The decision of offering all three methods of connecting to the internetwas so that everyone in any corner of the U.S can connect.

The internet bill comes together with your TV bill and this is convenient. There can be problems with the internet connection, but they depend on the way you connect to internet. As an example, satellite signal gets disrupted on bad weather.

Before choosing to go for the Dish Network internet service you should check the other internet providers’ offers.

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