Satellite service providers

The following article is meant to describe you the most known satellite companies in the U.S with the purpose of making your decision to choose one easier.

Till now the cable TV provider Comcast Corporation has ruled the grounds of television services.

But satellite TV became more and more popular due to the many advantages it presents and thus, two more companies joined the battle for subscriptions. DirecTV and Dish Network are the two biggest satellite TV providers in the US. Cable TV services are still in the lead, thanks to the new digital technology they have adopted.

The services that a satellite company can offer are television, internet and telephony. In order to enjoy these services a person needs to have a satellite dish and a set-top box. If we’d make a comparison between cable and satellite, probably the unanimous conclusion would be that satellite is better. That’s actually why satellite TV is gaining popularity in the US and more importantly in the rural areas where cable TV is inaccessible. Below is a comparison between the two satellite companies we mentioned earlier.


With a total of 18 million subscribers and more than 15 years on the market DirecTV is the second largest TV services provider in the US. There are some specific features that only DirecTV has, such as the personal network 101-Netwrok and the special sports packages with shows such as the NFL Sunday Ticket and others. Their lowest priced package costs 29.99$.

Dish Network

Dish Network goes up next on the third place with 14 million subscribers. They also provide to commercial institutions. Their range of channels reaches 250 out of which a lot are of HD quality. Dish Network does have lower priced packages which take them a little in front of the competition. A good strategy was to introduce the internet services in their portfolio because this assured them a nice spot on the market.

This are just some facts about the two satellite TV companies but the rest is up to you to find and decide what company to go with.

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