Satellite versus cable TV

Both cable and satellite are ways of providing television to people. They are very different in the way they do this. If you need a comparison between the two systems then read the article below.

Satellite TV

With satellite TV the signal is transported by communication satellites that send it towards earth were it is received by a parabolic dish that should be installed by householders. For this it is required that the dish is aimed at the direction of the satellite.

Cable TV

Here the signal is transported through a system of coaxial or optic fiber cables. This is the most used system of television services and it started in 1948.

Let’s start with the similarities between the two systems. They both offer access to local channels and internet services. Then he can say that regarding the installation, they both lease you the equipment when you subscribe.

The equipment needed for satellite TV consist of a satellite dish and the receivers. For cable you will need cable boxes. The installation is normally free, but there are cases depending on the provider when you have to pay.

Now, regarding the price for the same service, we can say that satellite TV won the battle. They provide more channels and high quality and they keep the price low. Cable TV charges more for fewer channels. If we speak about numbers, the maximum number of channels offered by cable TV is around 180 while satellite TV goes up to 350. Another advantage for satellite TV is that they provide the video recorder for free unlike cable TV. The interactive programs offered by satellite TV also make a difference here.

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