The average amount of time spent by Americans in front of the TV

An interesting research done by Nielsen Media Research states that an average American household spends 8 hours and 18 minutes per day watching TV. You can find out more about this in the article below.

The 2010 research that we mentioned before refers to American households, and not individuals, so be careful.

Another interesting fact revealed by this research is that in American homes there are more television sets than people. More precisely there are 2.75 TVs and 2.55 persons in a house. So while an entire family spends 8 hours and 18 minutes in front of the TV, an individual is said to spend 4 hours and 35 minutes day at the TV. This is the equivalent of 29 hours per week and 142 hours per month.

The results of the survey show that the number of hours per week has grown with 5 since the last research. Also the number of TV sets has increased, probably because every household member wants a TV of its own so they don’t have to share.

But let’s discuss more about the factors that have led to the increase in TV viewership. First of all as we said earlier, the number of TVs in a house is definitely a cause. Another factor can be the big number of channels all very customer-oriented in a way that in a family with 4 members all 4 members can watch a different channel that satisfies their personal needs. TV is no longer something that unites the whole family together. Now everyone is watching what they want. This is why the number of hours spent by a household in front of the TV has increased.

To continue with the list of factors we can say that unemployment is a good factor. This relates to the fact that all the unemployed people have nothing else to do but to watch the TV. Also there is a flaw in the survey, as there are times when the TV is just a background sound while the members are doing something else.

All in all this numbers are still not good for people because you can say that they spend more than half their free time in front of the TV.

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