The effect of TV on our brain

Scientists have stated that when we watch TV certain brainwaves named alpha are induced into our brains and induce a certain state. Alpha brainwaves are waves of 8 to 12 HZ related to meditative states of the brain.

The comparison with watching TV is starring at a wall for hours in a row.

An experiment conducted many years ago showed how in only one minute of watching TV the brain moved from beta brainwaves that relate to active thinking to alpha waves. The state returned to beta when the person stopped watching the TV and did something else.

This can mean that the logical thinking part of the brain dies during TV watching. The experiment with the man was only one of many others that have shown the same thing about the alpha waves that are induced to our brain.

This knowledge has been used by advertisers for a very long time. And we are not talking about any subliminal messages. They just have to associate their product with something positive and this will make people want it even if they don’t necessarily need it.

Watching less TV will definitely be a plus for everybody, especially for the one suffering from ADD or ADHD, which should better renounce of TV at all. The biggest effect of TV on the human is that it reduces its attention capacity, and for people who already have too many alpha waves it becomes really harmful.

In order to reduce the time spent on TV and to increase the production of higher brainwaves you could spend time by reading a book or writing something. Simply do something creative like playing an instrument or painting. Even a nice walk can be beneficiary. The information that comes from the TV and enters your brain is just so harmful and has no logic of information. It is almost like you are being hypnotized. So perhaps it is time to start giving up at all those hours spent in front of the TV and start doing something else.

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