The harm of watching 3D TV

Some time ago Samsung presented a list of possible health issues that may result from watching 3D television. These issues are somehow similar to the ones presented when the virtual reality technology arose. Some of these problems were eyestrain, nausea, motion sickness, and possible hallucinations or disruption from reality.

What Samsung says is that people can have strokes or epileptic seizures caused by the flashing images when watching 3D. Also people in the younger ages are the most affected by the technology. Some of the problems are dizziness, lightheadedness, confusion, nausea, disorientation and other related problems. It is stated that parents should permanently monitor the children that are watching 3D TV to see if they present any of the symptoms. In case of any of the symptoms a doctor should be contacted.

There are also smaller issues that are possible to occur such as motion sickness or eye strain or depth perception. In order to keep these problems away t is recommended to take breaks or to stop the viewing when such a problem occurs. 3D television should be interdicted to persons that have bad health, who have been drinking or are sick. Also the eyesight seems to get damaged if the distance from where the TV is watched is too short.

Another statement made by Samsung is that the special glasses must be worn only when watching 3D TV. Any other activity done with the glasses on will damage the eyesight.

3D TVs are still young on the market but as 3D content is expected to become more and more available in the future, the sales are anticipated to grow a lot.

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