The top 3D LED TVs in 2011

The technology regarding televisions is improving more and more thus making HDTVs a common thing in most of the houses. The reign of CRT screens has stopped and flat screens grew bigger and bigger. The features in today’s televisions are amazing.

The newest improvement in matter of televisions is the 3D LED TV. The results of this technology are amazing. Watching this TV will make you feel like you are in the middle of the action all the time.

The LED TV is more like an LCD TV backlit by LED. An LED screen uses less power, is thicker and lasts longer. Also the colors are brighter and less contrasted.

There are a lot of variables to choose from for a 3D TV. Though the best performance you will get from the LED 3D TV. It’s true they are not cheap, but the experience worth all the money. Here is a description of the top manufacturers of 3D LED TVs.


The number one brand in this sector, Samsung will give an unforgettable experience. They have 3 models named C750, C7000 and C8000. The price ranges from 1500$ to 4000$ and the sizes are from 40” to 63”. Other features related to this type of televisions are internet connection, DNLA, a great viewing angle and more.


Very close to Samsung, Sony offers great products in matter of 3D LED TVs. The two models, the XBR-LX900 and the XBR-HX900 will make you take out of your pocket between 1,700$ and 4,500$. Also the sizes of the screen start from 40” and stop at 60”. The features included with the TV set are similar with the ones mentioned above except the viewing angle which reaches an impressive value of 178 degrees.


Not as impressive as the other two brands, the LG model, the Infinia LX9500 still offers some great features. The price is set at 3.500$ but the screen only comes in two sizes, 47” and 55” and the other features are a lot less impressive.

A 3D LED TV is something you have to pay a lot of money for, but also gives you great entertainment. The problem with these televisions is that there is not much content to view on them.

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