Trouble with the rear projection TV

Because television has become such an important part of people’s life, when something happens to the TV, a malfunction, things becoming really frustrating if you can’t watch your favorite programs.

To understand better the rear projection TV, let’s take the example of the movie theatre, where the projector sits in the back and projects the image you see in front of you. Well the rear projection TV works exactly opposite.

It projects the image from behind the screen of the TV inside it.

Now, in order to save some unwanted expenditures, we prepared this article with some common problems seen at RP TVs and some troubleshooting ideas.

First you have to understand better the technology. The three major types of image projection technology are CRT, LCD and DLP.

These three types have general similarities, but they still differ in functioning, so the problems with them differ too.

Colored lines on the screen

The first identified problem is the magnetized screen. This manifests with colored lines on the screen. In order to eliminate this problem you will need a magnetic coil. Take it to the top left corner of the screen,   and start moving it circularly. As you continue rotating start increasing the circle’s radius. You will notice that the lines are being eliminated and the image is restored.

Unclear image

The unclear image is normally generated by weak connection in the co-axial cable that connects the antenna and the TV. Try to move the cable a little and see if this changes the image. Check all cable connections and see if this restores your image.

Repeated shutdowns

One possible issue here is setting the TV timer accidentally. Another one is overheating. Try to leave the ventilation area free of obstacles. If these don’t solve the problem then it means it’s more serious.

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