What are the effects of TV on kids

The following article is a must read for parents because it will present you how TV influences your child and how he is affected by it.

There are more than one bad effects of television against children and the worries parents have are understood very well. Young kids grow overweight more and more.

But how can the parents forbid their children from watching TV since this wasn’t supposed to be a problem by now. A big mistake made by many parents is that they spend time on the TV with their children. The effects on children have to be understood. For example kids under 2 years old are forbidden to watch TV if they want to grow normally. Even though there are also some positive aspects about watching TV, the negative ones are overwhelming.

More and more kids are watching TV with hours every day. This has become like an addiction and has to be treated like one. One problem caused by watching television is that the kid doesn’t move for hours when he watches TV. His body just stays still. If the kid is still very young this can really affect his balancing skills. Other problems such as not being social or having problems interacting with other kids are developed by television.

The weight of the child is also affected by television. He will even become more and more lethargic. This will mean that we won’t be very active and thus his weight will start being a problem eventually becoming overweight. Another thing affected by television is the eyes of your child.

The good part of watching television is that you can explain your child what you see there on the TV and thus make him understand certain things. We hope that all these bad effects that television has on your child will make you want to stop this and put his time up to something better.

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