Instructions about building a pony wall

People use pony walls to separate different areas in a room. The best place to use them is in large spaces and rooms that need a definition.

You can build a pony wall all by yourself.

You can easily make changes in the future as well. Follow these steps.

1. Don’t rush when you are designing your pony wall because accuracy is the most important thing in this job. The design of the wall is not very important as it can be the result of your imagination or of special software.

2. Make a frame using 3 pieces of 2by4 wood cut into a little above 4 ½ foot sections. Cut 5 pieces of 2by4 down to 3 feet 1 inch. Use 3 inch long nails to fix the pieces of 2by4 between the top and the bottom pieces.

3. Place the frame near the wall where you intend to fix it. Measure 4 feet high to make a mark there and 3 feet long to do the same thing. The angle created between the wall and the floor should measure 5 feet exactly. After the measurements are all done you can secure the frame to the wall with screws.

4. Put another 2by4 wood piece on the top frame and secure it with 2 inch nails. Based on your design fix the top plate after you cut it using nails.

5. The next thing to attach after the plate is the molding. Use sand paper to even harsh surfaces.

6. The final step consists in painting the wall as you wish.

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